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De: You
Escrita : 26-05-2015
Será enviada : 20-05-2017
Hello friend. Do you know who I am? I bet you can guess. I am you. You might wonder how this is possible, considering you never wrote this. Except, you did. 2 years ago. My name is Ashton Scott Romero, and am 12 years old. When you get this, you, no wait, I, will be 14. A teenager. I have a few questions for me. Did you change from Junior Gamer Studios, into Teen Gamer Studios, or did you give up my dream of YouTube? Also, do you still keep the G secret? If you do, who? And why. Write to Ashton Romero in 2022, by the email Even if Gmail is out. Ask if the G secret is still in effect. Are you still friends with KK? Spencer? Olivia? Brenden, Matthew, Kayla, Caden, Carter, and Remington. Do you hate KK? I hope not. She is a good person.

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