Send a letter to yourself and receive it in the future
Create a promise
Write a letter

How does it work?

1) You write a letter. 2) Specify the date you wish to receive it. 3) Choose: Private or Public. 4) We will store it until the specified date. 5) When the date X comes, we send the letter to the specified address!

Can I send a paper letter?

YES. This a unique worldwide service provided by our company. Also, you may choose the time for sending your letter (from 1 month to 10 years).

Is my letter safe?

Before your letter is sent, it will be safely stored in the reliable Mount10 information bank located in the Swiss Alps.

How much does it cost?

Send your e-mails and make promises to yourself free of charge. Send paper letters for 5.99$. The first 1000 public letters will be sent free-of-charge!