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Von: Santiago
Geschrieben : 20-12-2019
Wird versandt : 12-06-2026
Dear Santiago in the future one thing to get out of the way is hopefully you have a job now and have all straight A´s and i really wish you found a good spot in life and by then your mature and not hanging with those friends who have made bad choices. I might sound dumb but hopefully by 18 you have some of that cash...Ha. Oh one more thing are how tall are you because at 12/20/19 i was 4.9 or 4.8 feet and future me you should be 5.10 or more thats my goal and if your taller than your cousin´s.And just one more thing try to get in a good college like university north carolina greensboro (UNCG) that's all and hopefully mia is doing well and my whole family. WHat phone do you have. And do you have a gf hahaha.GOODBYE.HAVE A GOOD FUTURE.
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