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Von: Danny Sullivan
Geschrieben : 19-07-2012
Wird versandt : 21-04-2016
Dear Danny,

This is kind of weird--me sitting here writing this and reading it at the same time. Kind of unfair don't you think? I have no idea who you are. Yet, you have the privilege to know who I am... Either way. Let's assume you are still alive (yay!). And that you are in fact receiving this letter. Let's assume so. How are things? Still single? That prick Obama get ousted? Hopefully Ron Paul can land a left field victory! Ha-You are going to read this and remember making the decision on what year to send this letter. Remember? I figured by this time we have a new president, the world didn't end, you have a beautiful wife (girlfriend will suffice lol) and maybe even a beautiful child. It is your birthday today and I couldn't figure a better gift then from your old pal from back in 2012. When Treyvon Martin was a thing, you swore Obama had a communist agenda and you met that girl that turned out to be...yeaaa...her. What was her name? -right. But in all seriousness, I hope things are good, your health is good and the world is your oyster because if there is one thing I know about the two of us, we deserve it. ;)

Your greatest and forever fan,

Yourself 2012
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