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Von: Monggi, Tuna, Shizuka
Geschrieben : 31-05-2020
Wird versandt : 15-05-2021
Dear Mr. Novilla:

Hello Boyfriend at my present time, Happy 22nd Birthday Honey!

Today, 01 June 2020 at around two thirty-three (2:33am) I am writing this letter to tell you that I love you and whatever happens or whoever you are with today (on your time) me or not, remember, you can approach me honey, tell me everything that makes you sad, makes you worry, makes you happy, I will always be here for you, know that whatever situation you are in I will lend you my hand and words, know that you are so much important to me, you are the only friend I have and the only person who made me feel that I'm special despite my odd personality, and I love you so much because of that, remember too, that we are destined to meet, two souls who are much very not into modern society, we are simian lines HAHA we know the cruelty of the modern world that slowly but surely breaking apart, humanity what I mean, the minds of individual, their predictable minds, we both know them, hayss honey protect yourself in this world, protect yourself.

Hopefully when you read this we still both together as a boyfriend and girlfriend, we actually had a fight before I wrote this HAHA trust issue again, my mind has no boundary and keeps on thinking on the worst scenario that might happen one day, with anticipation, please I want to be someone on your present time who you still love and happy to be with (praying to our God). Hey Honey, I love you, you are like a family to me, so together or not I will be here for you, always. I was made for loving you John Arren.

Odd One (Monggi)
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