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Von: Michaela
Geschrieben : 25-05-2022
Wird versandt : 03-06-2030
Dear future me,

I know life has been a pain in the ass, but think about all the good times you shared with your family and friends! Even though there were more good moments with friends than family, there were still some moments that should be cherished. Remember elementary school? All the teachers you met and friends you made? You know, you were always the class clown, you always tried making people laugh. Oh boy, and middle school? You went from Honor Student in elementary school to barely passing in middle school. Ah, fast forward to your high school years, you know, there's one question I still haven't gotten an answer to... How in the hell did you make it to high school? Life just always finds ways to surprise you, doesn't it? I mean, school life and home life have both been kicking your ass for so long, even you got sick of it. But you still pulled through, thanks to some friends who helped you along the way. But you should be proud of the accomplishments you've made and the battles that you've won. Life kept giving you lemons and you kept making lemonade. You might have given yourself a sugar rush from all that sweetness, though. Now, let's go back to your first year of high school, freshman year. Remember when you first arrived at Paradise Valley High School? It was your very first day and I remember you being so excited. But look at you now! You've allowed life to destroy you, the real you. You've let yourself lose motivation, you've let yourself give up on life. But your friends wouldn't let you give up on life. So keep going, because I know you can do it. I believe in you, asshole.
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