Create a promise
How long?
How does it work?

We know how difficult it is to wait. Therefore, we have created a fun game that will remind you of promises made to yourself every day. How does it work?

Promise yourself to do a small task starting tomorrow. What could it be? To do exercise in the morning, say good words to your friends or give up an old habit – it’s up to you.

In the section “Question”, write a question to yourself related to the promise. This question will be sent to your e-mail every morning. For example: “Hi, did you manage to do the exercise yesterday? :)”.

Select the amount of time which you need in order to fulfil the promise: a week, two weeks, or a month.

After receipt of the question by e-mail, you will only have to honestly answer to it "yes" or "no". We will provide the graph, which will show you how you are doing with your promise, or how are you doing compared to other ambitious people from all over the world!