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from: Caden Pennick
Written: 28-05-2014
Will be sent: 01-05-2018
Dear Future Me,
I am doing okay in life right now, not great but all right. I am currently traveling around and playing baseball on weekends and during the week. I have had my phone taken away for about 4 months now because of my attitude and I have had a C, it sucks really bad not having my phone.
My goals for high school is to be on student council, and start on all of the sports teams, also the most important goal of mine is too make all A’s. I’m going to be friends to everyone in high school, especially the kids that don’t have any friends and that are lonely. I will probably be popular in high school but im not going to be cocky at all.
I expect my life to be good from now on im going to be the best son possible to my mom and respect her more than anything. I also will not lie to my parents about stuff even if it’s a little thing. I want to be successful in high school sports too, maybe win a state championship while im there.

Caden Pennick
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