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de : Tami
Ecrite : 17-02-2021
Sera envoyée : 16-03-2023
Hey Tami, It feels weird to call you that,,,

Over the past 3 years you have done a lot! You figured out how to coach people virtually and keep themselves motivated along the process. You've lead an effort to collect student stories that show the hard and worthy work of career development. You work has helped make designing your life just a little easier and more fun. Along the way you have made great friends because you kept trying new things to find people who have similar interests and hobbies. You also channels your stress into painting and rollerblading. I reached out to people who have known me for a while, and also new people whom I admire. People are still asking my advice about how to design their lives, but now I have systems and organized tools to help students make progress, and also feel like they are making progress. If there was one thing I'd tell you to keep in mind is ... You're not lost if you dont have a destination. Make it a joyful process as much as possible. Especially when its hard to.
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