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差出人: Isabella
作成 : 20-06-2016
送信されます : 31-12-2019
Dear future me, before you read this be sure to film it!!!! bye time you get this we have been through high school and are now possibly going to collage! Congratulations!! What were our grades? What collage are we going to? What's our major? how's are social life??.. (as of 2016 there's not many people in our life right now... most have left good times though! :D) did we go outside and make some friends? If so how are they? What are they like? Are we dating anyone? Or do we have a crush? (For ONCE!!) Are we still doing YouTube? How big are we? Are we going to live in a big city? Or are we still figuring that part out yet? What's the latest trends? Do people still remember things like high school Musical, Jojo circus, Elmo, Winnie the pooh, Pb and j otter? How's our Family? Liz? Mom and Dad? Where are they right now? What's our likes? Dislikes? Are we happy? Have we tried anything new? Have we finally gone to a social event? Do we still remember Harry Potter? What's our house? Are we still a Hufflepuff? What about Disney? Are we still into that? Alright because I don't want this to be long as hell I'm going to end this now... goodbye 2019/ 2020 slef... sincerely- 2016 past self
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