nuo: Hector
Parašytas: 28-07-2012
Bus išsiųstas: 11-05-2015
Dear me
Whats up! By the time you read this you will have grown to be more mature and have a face that is hopefully acne free. I'm really not good with letters, or technically we're not good at letters. Since you know, you're me and I'm you. But anyways right now I'm in Rudy's room at one in the morning listening to music, thinking about space and how underfunded NASA is, and I'm thinking about HOW FUCKING SICK THE DARK NIGHT RISES WAS. Honestly, future me if you forgot about that movie watch it again. Carrying on, Attack of the show kinda sucks without Kevin, I'll be surprised if you're still watching it. Which I guess that wouldn't be possible because I'm in the past but you get the point, its not the same without P-Dog. What else is there...... I hope you have some kind of girl to hangout with, girlfriend or not anything is better than nobody, I mean we go to an all boys high school. I guarantee you'll be embarrassed by this because my punctuation and grammar are probably atrocious. Getting personal with future me, I really hope you are doing something positive with life. And if you've forgotten somehow by some unholy miracle, I want to become a astronaut one day, or we want to become an astronaut. And if its not an astronaut whatever you want that you love will be perfectly fine. Fingers crossed you still are taking guitar lessons, enough of that guitar hero bullshit. Also if you have a smart phone by now, and not some dinosaur flip phone like right now, delete facebook, seriously, the amount of people who don't deserve to reproduce on that cite is unprecedented. I really hope that future Emma Watson is as hot as present time Emma Watson. Or if she's gotten hotter thats a win win. Finally my last things to say are: PC over Mac, Batman over Superman, Imgur is slowly ruining your social life, please don't start playing World of Warcraft. I hope this letter brings back good memories. Godspeed motherfucker, Godspeed.
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