nuo: Summit
Parašytas: 19-05-2022
Bus išsiųstas: 20-05-2025
Dear Future Summit,

Hey, how ya been? By now you should've either graduated or will graduate soon. I'm pretty hopeful that we didn't mess it all up, but we'll see. Have you finally figured yourself out yet? I'm still working on that one, but its a bit more consequential if you haven't. When I look ahead right now, I have no idea what I'm supposed to see. Will I be achieving great things? Getting by on the bare minimum? Not even that? Tbh I'm hoping you'll have all those things sorted out by now.

Are you planning on heading to college soon? I really hope so, that's been my goal for the longest time. If I've done all this work already and it's not for anything then I'm hitting you with Rosser's ancient civ textbook.

Are you still in contact with most of your friends that you have right now? You better have wished Lav a happy birthday yesterday! Did you ever get back in contact with Brynn? How's Ajaxx been? Oh! And how's Aidan? I know it prolly won't work out between us, just statistically, but I need you to have kept in contact with him, he's an incredible person.

How're all those activities going? Sorry for all the things I've started but I hope you end up going through with some of them. I know at first I didn't want to do softball but it's kinda hard to get out of at this point :,) I really hope you were able to get a solo in choir or at least get into acapelle choir, it seems like everything I could dream of and more so I'm planning on doing my best to get in. Hopefully you were able to beat Aidan in riflery at one point, but idk the likelihood of that one bc he's a pretty good shooter.

Good luck with wherever you plan to go in the future, you've got this (probably). I know you're most likely looking back on this and laughing, but remember that I love you and we'll keep moving forward, no matter where you've gotten yourself this time.

I love you <3

Your Past Self
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