nuo: Taylor
Parašytas: 08-11-2011
Bus išsiųstas: 02-05-2017
So, its Taylor's 21st birtday. The creepy thing is: i am Taylor. Just a Taylor from 6 years in the past. If this comes to me, and i am still living at home. Get a job and move out you bum. If this happens to come to my mother, than please read this and show it to me. I am writing this letter november seventh at 5:28pm. tonight i am going to go get my pre-ordered copy of modern warefare 3. I am stocked up on mt. dew. my current girl friend is Krissy. I love her, but have not told her yet. You should look her up and say hi. I just got my first 3.9 in school, thats cool. oh, and bro. you are going to get sooooo fucked up tonight :) hahaha. i hope i have a good life and actually made something of myself. i also hope koby is doing great. My best friend seance 4th grade is marrisa, i know we are still best friends in your time. so make sure to tell her about this letter and that you love her. also, go to your mom's house in west valley and look inside the closet of your old room, taped too the wall there should be a ten dollar bill. go out and be a kid with that, buy a candy bar or a stuffed animal, for me? so. . . yeah, have a great life and i hope you enjoy this little blast from the past :D

Love past Taylor 11/7/11
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