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de: Max
Escrever : 14-04-2020
Será enviada : 26-01-2025
Hello future Max! It's me, Max, only five years younger! I've decided to write you today because I think it will be super cool to have some sort of commemorative time capsule for the future. Today is April 14, 2020, right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, so I bet you can imagine that its a little tough right now, but what I really want to do is ask some questions, so I will now begin to ask you some stuff.

How did the pandemic turn out and did you get COVID-19? Did you ever get your black belt in taekwondo, are you working on it, or did you ever quit? What is your current height? (I'm 5'3.5 right now. Have you started testosterone? (If you haven't I probably already killed myself so this question doesn't apply if the answer is no, infact you aren't even reading this if the answer is no because I would have already fucking killed myself years ago.) Have you had top surgery or are you close to getting it? Are you applicable for top surgery? (If I'm not applicable for top surgery you don't have to answer this question because once again I would have literally killed myself.) How are Jeroeu and Lily Belle doing? How is Pascal, Patches, and Oliver? How did Tic Tac turn out? (The squirrel lol) Ever figure out your sexuality? (If you haven't rip haha) How bad are your body image issues now? Do you like the way your voice turned out after testosterone? What age did you start testosterone? (I'm hoping to start late 8th grade or summer before high school.)

I think I'm done with the questions because the last question has me thinking about if I'm gonna start injections, patches, or gel. I hope I have to opportunity to start patches or gel because I'm deathly afraid of needles, and I'm also anxious that injections might be my only option, and I won't be able to start testosterone, ever. And now I'm crying about that. :( Im so stuck because I wanna start testosterone so bad but needles make me so anxious. I swear if I can't do patches, or gel, or whatever the fuck other options there are I'm straight up boutta whip out the noose and call it a life.) Damn. I felt that shit. Damn.

Man. This is really painful. Because I started to think about trans stuff again I'm back in that suicidal place. Fuck that. Fuck dysphoria man. Fuck it in the goddamn asshole until it bleeds out. I'm done talking about dysphoria because it'll make me even more dysphoric.

Okay I think I'm ready to just attach some pictures and call it a letter sent. To be honest I don't know if the pictures will be attached in the begining of the email, the end, or the subject piece but I hope it's at the end. Welp. Peace out man. Hope life is treating you well homie. ✌
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