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de: Molly Guy
Escrever : 29-04-2013
Será enviada : 29-05-2014
Dear Aaron,

Right now you\'re all I can think about. If I\'m honest, you\'re all I can ever think about. You\'re the one person I love most in this world and the one person in this world who breaks my heart every time I think of him, knowing you may never love me the same.

It\'s been several years that we\'ve known each other. We\'ve split up and gotten back together so many times, I\'ve lost count, haha. Apparently that\'s just what we do, and apparently, despite how much it\'s hurts me every time, I\'ve not found the means to move on after all this time.

I dream of someday calling you my husband and the father of my children. I wish, more than anything, that one day you\'ll better understand and appreciate my love for you... and only then can we finally, truly, be together at last.

I also hope that by the time you receive this letter, a year from now, you\'ll have shown me what exactly it is you want out of me. A simple friendship... or something more.

There\'s also a chance that perhaps I\'ll have moved on. One day, I\'m certain, I\'ll marry and have kids. As of now, I\'m afraid (and a tad disgusted) to picture such a life with anyone but you. No doubt about it, though... I will never forget or stop loving you.

In closing, I just want to tell you what a beautiful, smart, kind person you are. I\'m don\'t think you\'ve realized it yet, but you\'re worth so much more than you think. I know you sometimes feel like a freak, but you\'re no weirder than the rest of us. Please don\'t give up on your dreams. Your life will be absolutely amazing if you let it... I know because you are nothing short of amazing yourself.

Take care, Aaron. I love you.

Molly xo
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