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от: Kayla Giefer
Написано : 21-05-2013
Будет отправлено : 01-01-2023
My favorite food is all food. Favorite music is country. Favorite color is orange. Favorite place to go is to the cabin, shop at gander mountain or scheels. Favorite things to do is hunt, fish, party, hangout with friends, four wheeling,snowmobiling, softball and basketball.

Short terms goals:to graduate from Alexandria technical and community college and become a police officer or DNR officer.

What are my plans for the furture? What do you hope to have accomplished by the time you get this letter? To be married with two kids one boy then a girl and to have a lake home. Nice boat and good things for my children. To stay skinny and fit in my high school clothes when i get this.

What do predict the world will be like when you get this letter? Really expensive and in debt. Gas will probably be like $6 a gallon since its $4.29 now and food will be really expensive.

What is some advice you can give your future self? To save money for kids for college since it will be a lot and i did\\\'t have any help and it sucks. Save money for retirement and other things. Dont run the cops and be careful about what you do cause it can affect you. Forgive but never forget and know who your true friends are. Be yourself

What do you want to be reminded of? That friends are family are the most important things in life. Look forward to graduation but is it worse or better than real life?
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