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от: tee
Написано : 29-03-2018
Будет отправлено : 29-04-2019
Dear tyler by this time you should be d1 and be looking at which college you are going to. You will not be stressing aboutt if you are going to get a scholarship because you will already have about 5 for basketball. When you read this you will think about how dumb you were when you were a junior and half the stuff you cared about then doesnt even matter. When i wrote this i was listening to haiti by kodak so if you are reading this put on kodak black. You will already have your beard and basketball season would be already over but you will finish a state champ.last year this time you were thinking about how you were going to bounce back after the incident in miami. You will already be married to paige hurd the finest actor alive and you will have 4 kids with her. Next you will have your lonzo ball haircut by now. You will tryin to talk to the girl from frisco centennial xavier told you about. Finally you will be graduating in 2 months.
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