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от: Katie
Написано : 19-11-2018
Будет отправлено : 25-08-2021
hey future me,

don’t know why i’m doing this but here i am.

right now you’re a freshman @ irvington and it’s nov. 18, 2018. the sunday before thanksgiving break starts. remember? you’re sitting on the toilet lid, the california fires are going on, & disney channel is playing in the background.

maybe you’ll read this letter on the right day, or a few days afterwards. you never check your email.

or you won’t read this at all.

your first day of senior year is coming soon wow, you’re old bitch.

how were the last few years? shitty or surprisingly ok? life kinda sucks rn.

put some effort into this last year you lazy ass hoe!! don’t procrastinate! get into berkeley!!!! work hard! also the first day is gonna be fine no matter what you think!! stop overreacting!!

you best get into college or i’ll time travel and beat your ass :) bye bye

in all seriousness i hope you’re doing good & life is treating you well & you find true happiness & know that everything will always turn out ok in the end. love ya
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