पहले ही भेजे जा चुके पत्र : 19873
बेतीतीब पत्र
सर्वाधिक लोकप्रिय
से : Veronica Dimitrov
लिखा गया : 22-10-2012
भेज दिया जाएगा : 04-03-2014
Things are tough right now. I've got a lot on my plate. I've got him to take care of and my baby sister. All I want is the best for both of them. To make things even harder, I'd rather be living with him in Portland. I want to move out and drop school. I don't need school to be happy in life. I only need him and my freedom. I wake up every day dreading going to school. It lonesome not being able to wake up with him in the same bed. In a year and 5 months I'll be able to leave. I'll be 18. I'll officially be my own person in the governments eyes. I can make it that long. I know I can.
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