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से : Kyndall Winkelman
लिखा गया : 28-05-2014
भेज दिया जाएगा : 01-06-2015
May 28th, 2014

Dear Future Me:

I am 13 years old. I am sitting in Mrs. Warfields’ communication arts class. Its May 28th, 10:27am. Anyway, my life is, okay. I don’t live with my parents though. My dad lives in Texas also. I live in Diamond, Missouri. I live with Lori McLaughlin. I, in my life don’t want to change anything. In my free time I don’t have a certain thing to do. My hobbies are swimming, texting, and hanging out with friends. My friends are on the P.S..
I have set high goals for my self. Since I am reading this letter right now, I am completed one of those goals. Not to drop out. I want to get straight A’s. (ONCE IN A WHILE GET A B). On my report cards. I want to miss less than 4 days a year, and they all must be excused. I hope I still hangout with at least one or two of my friends on my list. I also hope to have all my credits by now. For my own outside of school, I hope to have a decent job, making at least 10$ an hour. I also want to have a baby blue Mustang or Camaro.
In four years, I hope my life looks somewhat the same. I hope my mom has chosen a better boyfriend. I hope to go to a good college. I want to be a photographer, cosmetologist, and a forensic science technician. I want to have the very best school life. I want to be the 27 year old sitting on her couch saying I have a good family and a job that I love. A goal that I want to happen is date someone my freshmen year and stay with the same person until and after my senior year.

P.S. mY bESt FriEndS aRE…..
Courtney Callis, Courtney Garoutte, Jacee Miksell, Kyleigh Rolf, Vanessa Rice, Sierra Tyndall, Morgan, Mariah Puttnam, Mariah Vasquez, Veronica Alford, Kiesha Howell, Hunter Sease, Britney Ackerson, Garrett DeWitt, Jillian Winkelman, Nevaeh Trejo, Miracle Rayne, Meghan Durant, Mikah Howell, and MANY MORE…

P.S. 2
I love the movie Frozen and the Hunger Games. LOL

Kyndall Winkelman
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