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से : Naimisha
लिखा गया : 28-05-2015
भेज दिया जाएगा : 27-05-2018
Hi Swetha,
I really hope you still remember me. You're graduating right? Oh by the way, I'm Naimisha. Your best friend who graduated last year well in 2017 not 2014. I'm writing a letter and right now it's May 27, 2015. So you'll get it now I guess for you. Anyway, in case you don't remember this year, here is a flashback. Last Saturday (5/23/2015), I came over to your house in Gilbert and we went swimming, and Sneha got out of the water early. We were trying to play with the big ball and trying to play volleyball. We weren't going to get out of the water until we mastered it, but we got out anyway. Today (5/27/2015), you're in Catalina. Remember, 8th grade term project field trip. You have a good memory so you'll remember. Anyway, nice job surviving through BASIS. It takes a lot of hard work. Good Job! I hope we still keep talk to each other. Email me!

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