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से : Becky
लिखा गया : 09-12-2015
भेज दिया जाएगा : 09-12-2016
I am typing this on december 9th 2015 and we are doing great. we have had our ups and our downs but we have made it through it all. I know we probably have had some tough time since this but right now we are in a good place and i dont have a doubt in my mind that we made it through it.You are my life my everything. If we are fighting right now im going to be the first to say sorry right now Show me this letter and tell me i said to stop being a brat and to kiss you. Now this is really going to be awkward if we arnt together. (which i dobut happened) BUT if thats the case. and you still love me. make it like a movie and confess your love to me. because no matter how mean i am and what i have said to you know i love you. even if i say i could never love you. I promise you i still have your promise ring. and if im with someone just know they will never compare to you. I can promise you i can never love them the way i loved you. I havent danced with them to slow songs. i havent cried because i love them so much. I can say this with confidence because i know my love for you is strong and true. NOW if YOU are seeing someone be that guy i know you are and dont tell her lol because we both know if she tries to run her mouth ill kick her ass lol
I have to go though im at uncle davids and hes cooking food

now if you dont know im watching season 8 episode 1 without you of one tree hill
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