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से : Greg Miller
लिखा गया : 30-09-2011
भेज दिया जाएगा : 30-10-2011
I hope life is being fair with you. well my name is Greg Miller from Florida,You might be wondering where you know me from,i will not like you to stress your mind too much because we do not know each other.well i think i've got some an advantage because i have seen a picture of you but you haven't...smiling ... I saw your profile on meet-an-inmate.com and i like what i saw there, i got stun stirring at your smile, i would like to know more about you, it would be a pleasure to learn about you.

I is hard to tell you about me like this,it'll be nice to have a nice conversation to get to know each other.you can contact me via email,i think that would be much easier and secured my email is sgtgregmiller@yahoo.com i hope you send me an email one of this days.
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