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से : Shant Patrick Tchatalbachian
लिखा गया : 19-11-2011
भेज दिया जाएगा : 24-12-2021
Dear Shant,

Hello this letter is for Shant from the past version of Shant.
I am writing this in hopes that I will one day become successful, and that I can be able to look back and see how far I've come. I am confident that life is much different by now and there are many changes to society in the field of technology and computers and the way of life in general.
Right now you are almost 16 and are living with your mother at the apartment in Burbank(the one on Sixth), and mom is still drinking although trying to stop. You have successfully built your own server, and have gotten far with your business.
Today is your twenty-sixth birthday and hopefully you have accomplished everything you had hoped for thus far. If you haven't then keep at it and never give up. Hopefully you have found someone special and are happy in your love life.
Intel just unveiled their first multi-core processor that has fifty cores in total. The server I built clocks at 3.2GHz and is a AMD Phenom II X2 Unlocked to X4 and overclocked. The internet speed you have now is 16MB Down and 2MB Up. You have an iPhone 4 and it is amazing, but im sure they will have an iPhone 12 by then at the rate Apple is going.
Hopefully everything is going well and everything is good, if not don't fret just keep moving forward. All in all just wanted you to see how much has changed by now and to help you if you are feeling stuck.

Sincerely Your Past Self,
Shant Patrick Tchatalbachian
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